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After five years of cultivating, hand pollinating, and perfecting the curing process Konaloha Farms is excited to offer their ​premium Hawaiian vanilla.

Learn more HERE about what makes our vanilla so special!

About our Vanilla 

About Our Vanilla
  • Our Vanilla beans are of the vanilla planifolia variety. ​There are two types of vanilla beans used for cooking - ​vanilla planifolia​ and v​ anilla tahitensis. V. Planifolia ​is the type of vanilla most frequently used in baking, ice cream etc. and has the flavor most of us associate with vanilla. This variety is often referred to as Madagascar or Bourbon island.

  • Vanilla orchid’s takes 2 to 3 years to produce their first flower. Then, in the spring, each flower is hand pollinated during a short window of time during their bloom of 4-6 hours. 

  • Vanilla beans grow and mature on the vine for 10 months before harvesting

  • We cure each of our vanilla beans for 4-5 months. Curing is a lengthy and artful process that is required in order to produce a plump, oily beans that have high ​vanillin content. ​

  • Our Pure Vanilla Extract starts with our Grade A Hawaiian Vanilla Beans that are then placed in alcohol for an extended period of time.

  • Our Konaloha Vanilla Extract is infused for a minimum of 10 months and contains no added sugars or additives.

  • All of our Vanilla Beans are grown Pesticide free and with ALOHA!

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