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Our Story

Konaloha Coffee Company was started in October 2009 when we ( John & Ruth Koontz) purchased an established 5 acre farm on the Big Island as our "next steps in life" adventure.

Konaloha coffee is handpicked, sun dried and processed by traditional Hawaiian farming methods. We offer a small farm quality product utilizing sustainable farming principals without the use of pesticides.

We  have been enjoying farming our land compassionately for the past 10 years with wonderful help from neighbors and fellow coffee farmers.


We pride ourselves in offering only high grade 100% Kona Coffee that lives up to the standards you expect.

The Farm


Konaloha Farm is a 5-acre Kona Coffee Farm located in Captain Cook 20 miles south of Kona on the west-side of the Big Island of Hawaii. First planted in 2001 by coffee farming guru George Yasuda, Konaloha was originally part of a larger 18-acre plantation located above Kealakekua Bay.

When a 5-acre parcel of this orchard came up for sale, we saw a chance to fufill our dream and relocate to the farm on the Island. Still new to the coffee business, we enlisted the help of coffee veteran farmer Kraig Lee to oversee the farm and bring the coffee trees up to full potential. We have also had plenty of support and encouragement from many coffee growers in the area.




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