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How you grind your coffee is definatley an important step influencing the final brew. 


Less expensive grinders don't always have coarseness settings, so you will have to experiment a little to establish how long to let your machine grind to achieve the right coarseness or fineness.


Grinding coffee increases the coffee beans surface area, which increases taste and allows water to penetrate more easily. The grinds range from very coarse to a fine grind with a powder-like consistency.

Below are some guidelines you may use if your grinder does not have a coarseness setting and suggested grinds depending on your brewing method.

Very Fine-

Very distinct particles of coffee. Like heavy-grained kosher salt. (Grind 5-10 seconds)
Gritty, like coarse sand. (Grind 10-13 seconds)
Smoother to the touch, a little finer than granular sugar or table salt. (Grind  15-20 seconds)
Finer than sugar, but not quite powdered. (Grind 25-30 seconds)

The chart below to decide which grind will best suit your particular coffee-brewing method.

Drip Coffee Makers (Flat Bottom Filter)  -
Drip Coffee Makers (Cone Filters)  -
French Press  -
Percolator   -
Espresso Machines  -


Extra Fine

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