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Kona Coffee

What Makes Kona Coffee So Special?

For serious coffee drinkers, the taste of Kona coffee is unique among coffees. Some people know that Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii, but there is more to it than that. Kona coffee is one of the most highly valued specialty coffees in the world.

Like a fine vintage wine, 100% Kona coffee is characterized by the growing region,  cultivation methods and meticulous detail to processing... the end result is a coffee that carries the unique stamp of the Kona region - delicate yet flavorful, with a rich aroma, less acidic qualities and a long finish. 

Kona Growing Region

​Only coffee grown in the Kona Coffee Belt can be considered true 100% Kona coffee. The Kona Coffee belt is a two by twenty-two miles strip of land near the city of Kona on the western side of the Big Island. It is only here that the elements of extremely fertile volcanic soil along with perfect weather conditions combine to produce this unique coffee.

History of Kona Coffee

Coffee was first brought to Kona in 1828 by Samuel Reverend Ruggles who brought cuttings from Brazil and planted them at his new home in Captain Cook, south of the town of Kona on the Western side of the Island.

Kona Coffee was orginally grown on large plantations, but the crash in the world coffee market in 1899 forced plantation owners to lease out their land to their workers. Most of these workers were originally from Japan. Working their leased land parcels of between 5 and 12 acres as family farms, they began producing exceptional coffee crops.

The tradition of running small family farms has continued throughout the Kona Region. The Japanese-origin families have been now joined by Filipinos, mainland Americans, and Europeans - all take great pride in the farming and processing of their coffee along with keeping their family lifestyle serene.

This family orientation has produced a close sense of community and pride in their farming,  and a friendly welcome for all who come to visit.

The Kona Coffee Seal of Approval

100 % Kona Coffee has a delicate, aromatic flavor that can be submerged if blended with harsher, foreign coffees. To help you distinguish 100 % Kona from other coffees the Kona Coffee Council has put in place a program of assurance so that the buyer will have confidence that they are buying this true gourmet product.

By displaying and supporting this quality assurance 100 % Seal of Approval, we promise the

consumer they are buying 100 % Kona Coffee. The Kona Coffee Council supplies these certification

seals only to Kona farmers and processors whose standards of excellence attest to those set by the

Kona Coffee Council. 

Look for the 100% Seal of Approval on every bag of roasted Kona coffee you buy.

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