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Health Benefits

Most people are unaware of the many health benefits of coffee.  Coffee has had a bad reputation among health professionals because of the caffeine it contains. But more studies are proving that moderate coffee drinking provides many health benefits.

Moderate coffee drinking has been shown to lower the risk of serveral ailments and illnesses

Becasuse Kona Coffee is less accidic, it also tends to be easier on your stomach than other coffees.


The short term, positive effects of two cups of coffee day include:

  • Alleviating drowsiness and fatigue
  • Greater sustained intellectual effort
  • Increased motor activity
  • More perfect association of ideas.

However, for those who drink more than two cups of coffee,
the negative effects can outweigh the initial benefits

People are most likely to get the most benefits of coffee without the drawbacks if they drink around 3 cups a day.

All people are different, however, and this refers to total caffeine intake. If someone drinks a lot of soda as well, then they should reduce caffeine from either soda or coffee.

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