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[Grade A] Hawaiian Vanilla Beans: Single or Bulk

[Grade A] Hawaiian Vanilla Beans: Single or Bulk


Our vanilla beans are bursting with flavor and carefully packaged in a sealed tube to retain optimal moisture content

  • About our Vanilla Beans

    • The vanilla planifolia variety is often referred to as Madagascar or Bourbon Vanilla but these beans have new unique characteristics attributed to its cultivation in Hawaii now
    • This is the variety of vanilla most frequently used in baking, ice cream etc.
    • Strongly aromatic and contributes warm floral complex notes to any recipe.
    • Hand cured to produce plump, oily beans with high vanillin content
    • Can be used to create your own vanilla extract


    A review on yelp from the local restaurant Lava Java that uses our vanilla beans: 

    "The grand finale was the Hawaiian vanilla crème brûlée which was AMAZING!”

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